Wix Email Forwarding – Connect GoDaddy email to a Wix

wix email forwarding

Hi guys Today I’m showing you guys how to connect your email account through godaddy and outlook to your Wix account. Please watch full video for better and live understanding.

Wix Email Forwarding – Adding Email to Wix

That you have been building for your awesome website that you’re working on. So as you buy your email through godaddy and outlook you’re gonna reach this page(as shown in video). And it’s gonna be select domain> create account. This is all pretty straightforward stuff. As you walk through right up until you hit verify domain. And it’s gonna be a laundry list of script and text that you have to input and it’s a little confusing and i didn’t find any good resources so i’m here to help you guys so the first thing we’re going to do is go over to our wix dashboard.

I’m going to mine breatheandeasy.com check me out. I’m kind of awesome and we’re going to go over to settings up to domains. And then we’re gonna go to these three little dots here. We’re gonna go to manage dns records. And then here is where you’re gonna start inputting all that information you’re going to leave host alone. This is our IP. This is what we need you’re going to go down to cname where it says. And you have that’ll be your biggest block is the cnames.

How to add a cname is pretty straightforward. You’re just going to click add record down here. So for the host name you’re gonna copy and paste. That auto discover through outlook and then for the value you’re gonna just type in the outlook.co, copy & paste. However you wanna do it and that’ll just be the value. It’ll just be those two. I don’t touch the TTL because it didn’t tell me to you’re gonna click save and it’s gonna come up with this warning box. It’s gonna say this may shut down your website.

I promise it won’t. It’s supposed to do this so you’re gonna click save. And then since I’m not doing that and you’re just gonna do that for all five that it gives you. And then we’re gonna scroll down to text and everyone has their own private values. So I’m not gonna show these but they’re really easy to add uh it’s also gonna show on the godaddy website.

There’s gonna be an at symbol for host name. Don’t put in any value there, just leave it blank. Otherwise Wix will freak out so just add in those two values. It gives you click save on both of those. And then we’re going to head down past spf because we don’t need to mess with that. We’re going to go to our SRV and we’re going to hit. So it’s going to be add record and there’s going to be a bunch of things that come up. We’re just going to go down and we’re going to find SIP and SIP federation TLS and for the SIP. Because it tells us to we’re going to make that a TLS and then we do our weight.

And our ports and we just go through there and since I don’t need to do this I’m also not doing that. And then save both of those and just keep going. And finally we’re going to reach our MX mail exchange so this one gave me a little bit of issues. But I figured it out. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to hit edit MX records. Here it’ll say godaddy for your drop down menu. Here select other and then it’ll say target on godaddy but uh here it just says points to so copy and paste that url that it gives you and click save.

And once you’ve done that you’re set and you’re ready to go. Then wix will automatically update that and it’ll like take a few minutes so give it 10 15 minutes. Just hop over to your godaddy site. This page specifically, because this will update and just sit here and wait for that verify domain from to turn from a four into this little green check mark. Then it’s smooth sailing from there you go to set up email on a device.

If you want to do it on your phone uh iphone or android you don’t need help setting that up. It’s really straightforward um yep and then it connects to an outlook. I would recommend sending a test email to yourself whether it’s gmail or yahoo. And just connect those to make sure you’re working well, if you’re a founder or you want to do something fun with it you could even set up your little signature at the end on the outlook app. Whether it’s android or iphone. I hope this helped have an awesome day.

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