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Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM
Pokemon Crystal Clear ROM



An open world Pokemon Crystal ROM hack.

Pick your starter, your region, customize your character, and then do whatever you want. You can collect all 16 badges, challenge the new E4, catch all 251, rechallenge a gym, visit new places… There’s a lot of things to do.




  • Open world
  • Pokemon Stadium 2 compatibility
  • Start in any town from Johto or Kanto
  • Select from 24 starters
  • Character customization
  • Pokemon palette customization
  • Scaling Gyms and Trainers
  • Pokemon follower
  • Gym rechallenges
  • Map changes (area expansion and new areas)
  • New move tutors (Egg move tutor, Future move tutor, Gen 1 TM move tutor and Event move tutor)
  • Chaining and Footprint system (to help get the perfect Pokemon and hidden power)
  • Improved Pokedex interface
  • Buy a residence in any town
  • Loads of other improvements
Pokemon Crystal Clear


Download Pokemon Crystal Clear v2.1.1 Standard GBC
Download Pokemon Crystal Clear v2.1.1 GBAColors GBC



______CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below______
It’s very risk because this game is modded, tweaked too much. Maybe CIA Version isn’t working perfectly!


Download Pokemon Crystal Clear v2.1.1 Standard CIA
Download Pokemon Crystal Clear v2.1.1 GBAColors CIA



Pokemon Crystal Clear


Added missing “No Effect” entries for Normal and Fighting against Ghost in the Dex
Added redundant volume updating to hopefully fix some niche bugs with playing cries in the Dex.
After completing the Bug Catching Contest, Bill will call you if the caught species fills your box.
Fixed AceTrainer HQ residence bed disappearing when reloading save files
Fixed DUCK.EXE not having its overworld palette in Silph.Co and the Goldenron Cafe
Fixed Daycare Man reading the DVs of the next egg instead of the previous one when rejecting an egg.
Fixed Game Corner prizes using the last fought mon’s DVs for shininess display
Fixed Mt.Rose being listed as a town instead of a route
Fixed Residence Cinnabar Tunnel Rocks not respawning on map entry
Fixed a Ruins of Alph Scientist not using farwritetext
Fixed incorrect collision for single residence bookshelves
Fixed missing Elevator button in Celadon Dept. Store
Fixed whiting out while surfing on a Pikachu not returning to the player’s palette immediately
Minor Dex optimizations
Minor dex AltColorMon palette tweaking optimizations
Minor home bank optimizations
Minor optimizations to the area sign animation code
Minor tweaks to DUCK.EXE’s palette
Updated Brock’s Big Rock text to reflect the residence update
VBlank now preserves hBuffer, which may fix a potential crash when entering areas during particular sets of CPU cycles

Here’s the main documentation you’re looking for: https://github.com/ShockSlayer/ccdocs/blob/master/docs/index.md

The best PC emulator to use with Crystal Clear is http://bgb.bircd.org/ (effectively 1:1 w/real consoles)
– For Linux, we suggest running BGB with Wine (https://www.winehq.org/)
– For macOS, the SameBoy project (https://sameboy.github.io/) is recommended.
– For Android users, PizzaBoy has been shown to be the best in terms of ease of use compared to accuracy. (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.dbtecno.pizzaboy)
* GBC.emu is also a good emulator, but also costs money
– For iOS users, the best option without jailbreaking is Provenance (https://builds.io/apps/provenance/) This build costs money. There is a free version but you will have to continuously reinstall it. This build circumvents that.

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 Evaluating the story of every major Pokemon game from generation 1-7

Pokemon is probably one of the most interesting examples of an RPG. Not needing a particularly compelling plotline to succeed. And the series massive following is only proof of that but with sword and shield. On the way it really got me to wondering about all of the different things that its predecessors got right and wrong. So I set out to play all of the main games in the franchise which encompasses eight different games. 

I’m going to cover the writing of the various storylines throughout these games and give my thoughts on what was done well. And what could have been done better this encompasses the amount of fun I have with the stories how well the dialogue is written. Hnd how well the characters and rivals interact with you of course many of these ideas are going to be objective obviously. But I think that’s to be expected with this kind of evaluation.

Download Patched Pokemon Crystal Clear Rom

It’s good to note that I’m going to be playing the original versions of these games this means no remakes no enhanced editions nothing like that my reasoning for this is that I really want to compare these games as they were released without any new revisions or additions to the games plots so without further ado let’s jump into the story of red and blue first pokemon red is this fascinating instance of an RPG game that was extraordinarily well received without having an amazing story to tell this was pretty much unheard of at the time because turn-based RPG games tended to rely heavily on having a wonderful story to tell at this point in time we were long past the time where Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy brought something new to the table so the plots could be relatively basic 

I guess one could argue that the anime filled in the blanks in a way but I really can’t imagine Final Fantasy 6 releasing with almost no plot alongside an anime and receiving the sheer amount of success that Pokemon did so needless to say read storyline and plot elements were pretty basic I’ll be it definitely memorable if you grew up with it if the game’s mechanics weren’t backing up the story.

I think it’d be pretty safe to say that the plot wouldn’t be considered anything special though you start off as a young kid who’s immediately thrown into a world where no bad people exist besides the cartoonish villains you’re given your first Pokemon and then you’re sent out to start filling out a new technological device with information on the rest of them it’s pretty easy to go on about how the adults don’t care if a young kid runs off into a world of monsters. 

To capture them and use them as war machines to fight other monsters in these games but applying any sort of real-world logic at this point is an exercise in futility at any rate you’re given free rein to proceed how you see fit but the important thing is collecting all the gym badges to face down the Elite Four and beating down your absolute chat of a rival gary-oke or blue or whatever you named him really for this video I’m gonna call him blue now blue is pretty much the epitome of what a rival should be at least in my eyes as much as it’s easy to roll with his anime presentation of being a completely smug.

Download Pokemon Crystal Clear Latest Version

He tends to give the player a lot more advice on how to proceed rather than just throw a fit about his loss and it goes beyond that really the guy’s pretty much always one step ahead of you and is constantly working to get better and improve and continues to test and challenge you to make sure that you’re ready to take on certain challenges as well it really is the perfect example of how a rival should feel at least at the time the dialogue is naturally pretty primitive and not super compelling but I think he serves his purpose pretty well as a confident kid to be I would absolutely love to dive into how badly I feel like Game Freak drops the ball with rivals and later games.

But I’ll save that for when I get to the later games like I mentioned before the first Pokemon games for their time were such a rare phenomenon which put the RPG plot elements in second place behind the mechanics and as such tend to let the player just wander off and do whatever while occasionally raining them in by using the big evil bad guys to physically impede their progress to the Elite Four thus the actual plot is pretty bare-bones as far as any real substance is concerned after battling it out with your rival doing a chore for Professor Oak and plowing through Brock you make it to the tunnels where Team Rocket is introduced and then eventually to cerulean city I think the first bit of dialogue I encountered with these guys is this dude going yes we’re evil all righty.

I mean honestly Team Rocket is one of the dopiest criminal groups and that they make no sense in pretty much every way their specialties tend to include blocking off vital progression routes and being a general nuisance to society the police sure don’t seem to get involved and when they do it’s to tell you how much trouble they have with seam rocket. 

It’s just particularly interesting when you think about things like lieutenants urges speech about having served in a Pokemon war which caught my attention even as a kid because I just hadn’t thought of that application at that point when you think about it though if these big monsters with powers rivaling or surpassing modern-day war machines were discovered and tameable in today’s world you can bet your ass that the US will be stockpiling the most powerful ones in some kind of underground private facility and when you start to consider the government organization of a war.

Download Pokemon Crystal Clear

As a possibility it makes the whole Team Rocket part of the storyline even more ridiculous and just how inept able they and the police force are Pokemon Red’s plot is just this weird idea of kids can do anything they set their minds to all while the adults are just baffled by how poorly they’ve trained their own pokemon of course there are some awesome settings like lavender town in the pokemon tower and all of the cool ideas that flow out of those concepts my question concerning all of this is the idea of the Silph scope which allows these previously intangible ghost Pokemon to become able to be seen and battled and captured the way that you have to infiltrate the Team Rocket HQ.

To get this seemingly proprietary piece of technology in order to even view these three ghosts in the game is really distracting when you consider the amount of ghost type trainers in the game including Agatha of the elite for now I suppose you could spin this in the other direction and say well these trainers are all mediums and very in tune with the ghosts around them through extensive practice which is a fine headcanon to work with.

But it also begs the question of what the average trainer sees when a ghost type pokemon pops out from one of these medium trainers and that’s the main issue concerning speculation with these earlier Pokemon games these answers weren’t there because it was just how a lot of these games were back then I’m sure there’s even staunch support for that make up your own answer mentality from some groups out there. 

Team Rocket is holding hostage the old man who’s in turn holding hostage the poké flute which is used to get further into the game. But in order to even get that far without a pokey doll. You need the Silph scope from Rocket’s hideout my biggest issue is how dumb. Team Rocket is in their response to one kid SWAT team operations. They give out vital information when they lose they fumble key items onto the ground they’re just useless in about every single way. This trend unfortunately follows the series for a long long time and it’s really bothersome as an adult replaying these games. 

Because as a kid I didn’t care and I actually thought that Giovanni was somewhat intimidating and really. He still kind of is appearance wise but man after juggling this circus of clowns around like. They’re nothing that intimidation factor is just lost and this feeling really continues to the final act of Team Rocket. The cilco building a company that Team Rocket has apparently just decided yeah we’re just gonna take over. This thing now even the employees are like I don’t I don’t really know what to do. This really shouldn’t work out this way at all without some sort of police involvement.

Pokemon Crystal Clear Download

But hey I guess they don’t really need to bother when two kids can come in and just wreck the joint. I don’t know why blue was here waiting to ambush you. But he lets you know that you’re good to take on Team Rocket’s boss after his defeat then sits his eyes on the Pokemon League. Maybe he was grabbing the gym badge from Giovanni here before leaving after defeating the big boss. He goes on about all Pokemon belonging to Team Rocket and that’ll be back whatever that means back to the self building back to battle me. But you know what I don’t understand why is Blaine hiding the secret key to his gym. And a burnt-out husk of a mansion this is like a weird pokémon trainer trial in Kanto. Why are all the people who follow Blaine around his trainers in his gym burglars and maniacs

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