How to mute Avaya Phone | Avaya Phone mute button

How to mute Avaya Phone

Hello Guys! If you are reading this means you had purchased Avaya Desk Phone. But Don’t know how to mute Avaya Phone. Don’t Worry follow below Steps and you will learn how to use the call mute function on the Avaya handset.

 How to mute Avaya Phone

Call mute – Muting a call means that you can hear the caller, but they cannot hear you. To do this press the mute button (As shown in the Picture Below) during the call.

Avaya Phone mute button

Make sure that the mute button symbol changes to red – when you mute the caller and to return to the caller simply press the red mute button again.

Note: Every Avaya handset has different sequence of buttons. So, please make sure you will find Mute text written somewhere in the buttons or the symbol (as shown in image above) cross on phone – this type of button will be your Mute Button.

When you mute a call on your Avaya wireless handset, the application UI does not indicate that the call is muted.

If you disconnect the call without unmuting the wireless handset, the handset remains muted untill you manually press the mute button again.

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