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How to Hack Roblox

How to Hack Roblox Game

Thinking of hacking a roblox game you have come to the right place. Roblox is a huge online multiplayer game. It is a type of game which allows you to design your own game or play games that are created by other users. One thing that you might not know is that roblox games can not only be created by the players but games like jailbreak adopt me murder mystery etc can get hacked too. Just follow the steps we’ll tell you in this video and you will be able to hack any roblox game.

How to Hack Roblox

Number one things to do before hacking any game in roblox. Hacking a roblox game is allowed as long as nobody notices your username and sensor by a hack. The most important thing is hacking roblox games will often not get you banned but sometimes it can lead you to some serious problems.


Before starting there are a few things you need to do first you have to go to your windows settings and then click on security where you will find virus and threat protection. Click on it and then click Manage settings there you have to turn real-time protection off.


The other thing you need before starting is an exploit for those of you who don’t know an exploit allows you to inject a script into roblox which will help you to hack. There are many free exploits easily available on youtube in the description box of various youtubers but try to download a safe one like jj spoil omg spoil etc.

But stay aware of the scams download it from a place you think is reliable i personally find jj spoilt very safe and virus free and it is also easily available you can download it for free too. 

Step One first open the exploit folder that you have downloaded earlier. For example if you have downloaded omg spoil go to the place where you have places folder in your pc and open it. Find the exe file in that folder a dialog box will appear. Where you will see two options i.e, login and get key. Click on the get key option and a notepad window will open with a script.

Copy that script and paste it in the dialog box that appeared previously. But this time click login instead of get key. One thing to remember is that you must attach the exploit to your game first. So the exploit can work.

Step Two Now log into your Roblox account and join any game from the game option you have on the menu. For example start the game called mad city and wait until the game fully loads. As the game starts you will see three options saying police hero and prisoner. Click on the prisoner and start your game. Once the game has been started then click on the inject option of the omg spoil window. And click the mad city icon in the game sections.

As soon as you click on inject a black window with a script will appear on your screen and will disappear after a few seconds. After that if a dialog box saying we are does appears on your screen it means you have successfully injected.

Step Three After you have successfully injected. Select the mad city icon text from the game section. Then click on GU1 and GU2 and that’s it. You have successfully hacked mad city. A box will appear on the screen in which all the things that you’re available to do in the game will appear. You can click on any of the mentioned things and you will get it now you can go anywhere in the game with just one click. And can also increase your Avatar speed as much as you want easy right.

Just remember that if your exploit file does not open then uninstall it and reinstall the latest version. And one more thing to remember is that after hacking any roblox game do turn on the real-time protection that you have turned off earlier. Hacking adopt me is considered the most popular game on the platform with over 5 billion users since the day it was made in the year 2017.  Being created not so long ago this game has targeted an age demographic of kids from ages 5 to 10. 

This is due to the fascinating world that is provided to adopt your own desired pets being realistic or just straight from your children’s imagination from rainbow unicorns that fly around to monkeys that play band. This game has got it all if you are a kid in the age demographic that is fascinated by imaginative creatures and wishes to make them your pet. This game is for you apart from that you can also collect various items such as costumes and various items that range from being fairly easy to attain to be extremely rare and time-consuming to get your hands on this is why kids love it. 

As the game itself does not contain any content that is violent or adult supervision needed it anyway. Which is quite relaxing for parents to let their kids spend huge amounts of time playing the game. Win-win for both kids and the elders. Many Roblox players who love to play adopt me might have come across the idea of hacking at least once in a while but may not have the courage or time to do it. But don’t worry here I will also tell you how to hack in just a few minutes by applying the after mentioned hacking method.

So just stick with me and go through each and every step carefully.

Downloading an exploit after turning off the virus protection option from the windows setting. Download any Roblox exploit of your choice because 90 of the exploit helps in hacking any roblox game. You can pay for an exploit as well always get it for free. In order to get it for free there are many Roblox youtubers who have provided the link of the exploit that they use in the description box. You can go there and get it downloaded. 

How to Hack Roblox


To get the key open the exploit exe file and click on get key as mentioned earlier. Copy the script you will see on your window and paste it in the key dialog box. And log in. 

Then log into your Roblox account and start playing adopt me hacking. Then the next step will be the injection. Click on inject and after some time your injection will complete as soon as you will get a message on your window. There are also some Roblox exploits like boost.n whose injection is easier for such exploits. You just have to open a dot me and then the exploit and click on the attach option appearing on the exploit window and your injection will be successful.

Then you can copy any script and paste it in the exploit window and the script that you have pasted will hack the respective thing. And adopt me now coming back to the earlier method after injection click on GU1 and GU2 in the exploit window for adopt me and boom! You just hacked adopt me another adopt me hack.


Let me tell you about another adopt me hack that you can do with your friends or other players in the game. Just consider it a bonus for you this hack is very easy and known as money hack. All you have to do is type in console and player name. For example if the player’s name is cookie 12 you will write console cookie 12 a block window with all. The information will appear on your screen this way from that window you can also see the amount of money a player has in the game.

You can go around in the game knowing other players names and telling them that the money they have. I am pretty sure this will leave other players stunned and you can easily fool around with them. Although adopt me is a game that is focused to be playing by kids. There are a few things that need to be explored in the game that make it more interesting. The players are also curious about exploring the new islands different places and own different species of pets at the same time. Even if it is played for a long period of time. There is always a new thing to explore by the player that keeps them going.

This game is also very socially interactive as different players can talk to each other trade pets. And different items together and go to different places together by hacking the game. You can explore more easily and in a short span of time too. You can meet a lot of people that look different from their own vibrant colorful characters which are accompanied by their vibrant and colorful pet other than pets. People also like to explore the island of other people looking for egendary pets that are rarer to find and higher in value compared to others.

You can always try to deal with your pets that are lower in value to other pets that are higher to get a pet or an item that is better and more valuable to you. 

Don’t Hack Roblox

Roblox adopt me getting hacked in 2020 there were rumors going around in march 2020 about adopt me getting hacked. This had resulted in an abundance of videos on youtube with horrible music and waffling text. While the Roblox community was worried the developer of adoptme provided a sound response to try to calm the community. The developer of adoptme and Roblox assured fans that there is no credibility to it being hacked. 

As for where the rumors of adopt me being hacked in 2020 have stemmed from they appear to have arisen from meep city having been hacked. A couple of months ago as per youtuber kaneko kitten meep city was hacked on february 29th march 1st with players being transported to empty sequels. 

Meep city is said to now be fine, but the Roblox immunity is still suggesting that players use alt accounts. Since a couple of months has passed it looks like adoptme being hacked was just a rumor nothing else. Everything in adopt me is still working as it should and I hope it keeps on working like that otherwise it will create chaos in the Roblox community. Hacking games and roadblocks hacking any roblox game or compromising accounts is a violation of Roblox’s terms of use. Because according to roadblocks such type of behavior does not show the values of roadblocks.

Nor the Roblox community experience if anyone is caught hacking games or accessing other accounts that I don’t own will be moderated including possible account deletion in the near pass a person hacked into roadblocks by bribing a roblox worker. The hacker was able to look up information on high profile Roblox users. As well as reset passwords and take other actions on accounts.

The employee gained him access to the back end customer support panel of the massively popular online video game giving him the ability to look up personal information of millions of Roblox users. And grant virtual and game currency he also shared screenshots of various players Roblox accounts although the hacker said that he was just trying to prove a point. But still such acts are not bearable.

I am sure Roblox would have taken strict actions against the hacker. In this regard we all know hacking is obviously not a good thing whether it’s hacking someone’s Roblox account or hacking any Roblox Game. 

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Hacking in the Roblox world varies from hacking other players accounts to getting free Robux hack but as long as you are not doing it to hurt someone or take an unfair advantage and doing it just for fun. Or trying to learn something new and exciting it’s okay. Always be careful while doing this because not only will it get your Roblox account deleted but can also involve the police in some cases.

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