How to Find a Nether Fortress in Minecraft

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Another fortress is a naturally generating structure found in the nether. Finding Nether Fortress is a much simpler task than most people realize of course you need to start by making another portal. And going to the nether now if you are willing to use cheats then you can simply type slash locate fortress. The game will tell you the location of the nearest nether fortress. If it says this then you may have turned generate structures off. When you initially created the world if you were able to search for other structures other than nether fortresses though then you don’t have generator structures turned off. OR you must just be very far away from an actual fortress. You can find another fortress in the nether by wandering around and looking for one. But the best method to ensure that you find one easily is to follow either the x or z direction in a straight line.

Open your coordinates menu and it will show you which direction you are facing right here. You want to travel in either the positive or negative x or z direction a tip which a viewer gave me. In a previous video is to place a dirt block down and then place a sunflower on top of it. Sunflowers always point east which is the same as the positive x direction. Once you have chosen the specific direction to follow and stick to follow this direction. Make sure you commit to it because nether fortresses can still be quite difficult to find. And you don’t want to start randomly walking around since this will drag out. How long it takes to find the fortress by quite a lot of the four directions. The positive x seems to be the direction where i have the most luck i don’t think it matters but just to be safe i would follow the positive x which is the same direction. That the sunflower faces eventually after following the direction for a while you should come across a nether fortress.

Nether fortress

In this case you can see that I found another fortress following the x direction within just under 500 blocks. A useful tip about these fortresses is that they are the best place to obtain saddles and horse armor with 35.3 percent of chests having saddles 29.1 percent having gold horse armor 19 having iron horse armor and 11.8 having diamond horse armor. You will also find weather skeletons here which can be killed to collect weather skulls and you can use the weather skulls to make the weather.

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