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How to Delete Offerup account : Step-by-Step Guide 2021

Is there is no way to delete your Offerup account. Are they collect and keep all your data. They collect gps locations, WiFi addresses, Mac addresses and associate it with your personal info. Why people are banned or immediately shadow banned when using the same devices to setup a new account. We will give all answer in this post. Let’s Get Start:

how to delete offerup account

Offerup Account: Deactivation & Deletion

Offer up This app allows you to sell and buy used goods. One reason I dislike it is the lack of accountability for their services. Never having signed up to an account. Their business model is not something I trust. They seem more like an information-gathering platform than a marketing tool. It is a buyer/seller platform. Too much data is collected and shared with third parties. You cannot delete your account. The legal definitions of delete and deactivation are different. While deletion doesn’t erase any data, deactivation does. If you don’t want to delete any of the data, it is best to keep them all. Your profile.

Many Often, disabling a portal is all that is required to deactivate an account. Your account will be visible, and it will reactivate once you sign in Again. This means that many users will eventually forget about the account. It could also be hacked. Any data that is deleted will be removed. Any data that you provide to this company remains with them. The Site remains their property and is at their discretion. It also has a privacy policy that allows it to harvest your personal data. Friends lists, profile data and other information on social media platforms are available. Ability to share this information with third parties as they choose This is a potential nightmare for the future. The company is a potential future nightmare. It is impossible to design a website where one can see the footer Site itself: Should you really trust them with your data.

Email From offerup in 2019, which confirmed deactivating an Account, I was able to Log in to Today with all my information from years ago.

How to deactivate Offerup account

See How to Deactivate Account in Offerup

No customer service Support.

Only Loops on their website that allow for documentation or social media contacts are permitted to share and collect your profile information. You can share your privacy policy with anyone you choose, provided they agree to it. Conditions of Use

2/3 of users who responded to the survey asking if the article was useful chose to say no.

Like Many pukey companies all over the world, have adopted Offer-Up. No-Customer Service model. What does that mean? This page is a whole page. This is what they have to say about their customer service. Collection of help documents. I noticed something at the top of this page. That said, “Click Here for Everything You Need to Know.” It was marketing material to promote a merger.

So Now What I wanted to do was delete the account. My account was deleted. The account is not an option that is publicly available. They do. You can ‘deactivate’ the options, but it leaves my data on their servers. Consider the spam I have been receiving on their Site. The platform doesn’t sound like an idea. What can you do instead?

You are looking for a deleted account on offerup.

how to delete offerup account

Google Search Results: How to delete offerup account

Google may be able to help desperate users who want to delete their offerup accounts. To verify if they can delete their account. Unfortunately, many people are not tech-savvy. Pages call their help docs “How to delete your offerup” They only provide instructions for disabling. They must be cautious. This is important. The word delete is subject to legal obligations. It is likely that offerup doesn’t use it.

Google capture from another site showing how I can “delete” my offerup account.

Wanna see something funny? Scroll down to the bottom on This poorly designed website allows you to see the footer of each page. Failing second is a common mistake, but there are real options to reach customer Services, such as through your Facebook Account, Twitter Account, or any other social media platform. Unfortunately, these platforms are not available to me. Privacy reasons. I don’t have any way to contact them. Offerup will offboard customer service costs. Our user data is at risk.

To You would need at least four third parties to sign up It is unacceptable that customers can use accounts to contact customer service. I consent to the disclosure of my privacy or my personal information and the contents thereof. OfferUp may provide service to third parties. Is it even possible? Referred to in their privacy policies at all? It isn’t. It appears rather. It is absurd that I must sign up for third-party services and keep them updated. Use their service to get help or use their platform.

OfferUp has access to your friend’s lists’ & Contacts synced with social media platforms.

According to If you sign in using a social media account to view the privacy policy, they have the right to extract your friends’ lists and other personal information. They will do as they please by following the following guidelines in their privacy policy: If you will create an account for yourself through a social media platform. You have access to certain information on that Site, including your name. Account information and friend lists are based on the These social media sites determine authorization procedures.

The Offerup Privacy Policy that no one reads

Offerup will conduct background checks on you and share that data.

The privacy policy states that: OfferUp can obtain your name, address, and any other public information you provide. Part of their TruYou program to “enable any identity programs You may choose to be involved in and participate in the creation of. (e.g., TruYou), which includes verifying your identity, address and conduct Checks against different publicly available databases. You can share this information with others to run background checks. Sharing data with vendors, consultants, and other service providers To be able to do work for us, we need to have access to this information (including, but not limited to, third-party service providers that We may share the information with other companies to assist us in detecting potential problems. “Prevent fraud transactions by preventing inaccurate personal information.

This basically means that the data they collect is used to share information with other people. It with them (and they can share with whomever and whenever they wish) can also be shared data. Yes. Yes.

You Accepting the privacy policy was a way to agree to this. It is possible to do this now, but it is not too late. You can revoke consent, particularly if you’re in California. Financial data can be used to make decisions across the country. If you are outside the USA, I believe they don’t support it, probably because of their Your personal and private information is key to your business model. Write If they refuse to delete, your attorney general and, especially, the FTC. Your account and any data they may have about you.

Top 5 Scams on Offerup

Top 5 Scams on

Offerup allows you to share your data with anyone and everyone that you choose. You can also share your data with potential owners of your Third business parties with OfferUp and its current and future parents, affiliates and subsidiaries. Most Surprisingly, the language says that you will not be considered a match if you do not agree to it. If Offerup is in accordance with their program data, they can share them. “I believe your actions are incompatible with the spirit and language of Our policies or user agreements, or to protect rights, property, and Safety of OfferUp and Others” (…)

Emailing may be the best policy.

Since Their whois does not contain any information, so the privacy policy must be in place. Information is available for California residents. California state The law permits the deletion of accounts or data. Blindly, I blindly emailed Support and legal requests for my account to been deleted. It was a good decision. It worked, and I received a support email back. They do appear to have a support email. Email [email protected], but it is not published. They can be contacted at [email protected] Refuse to delete my account. I will send a copy of their email. Please respond, if possible. If not, I will file a report to The FTC and almost every other government agency that will listen. Business Models that collect user data and disable customer services platforms Today’s women are extremely raunchy.

Request to have my account deleted on February 14, 2021

I sent an email to support and got a reply.

Disappointed with Offerup

I am extremely disappointed when companies discontinue customer service Methods or offloading the responsibility for such to third parties. While it is wonderful to read the documentation, it should be an option. The exception is not the norm. The amount of information is also disappointing to me. divulged to third parties or gathered at any time in the pretended name Fraud, which appears not to be working (based upon the spam I have received). (not yet received). OfferUp seems to be a fake intelligence platform. We allow masquerading to be a new way of selling things. Overly generous privacy policy. Let’s change that.

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Latest Response from Offerup

Every day, I receive a notification from my account that my account has been closed. Suspended for violating policies. Immediately after, a response from Support that my account was actually deleted.

Account removed upon request. Here you go.

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