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Clixsense advertising – Ysense | How to Make Money Online

Clixsense advertising – Ysense : Review

You might be doing a bit of research on this particular website right here it’s called Clixsense. Okay so here’s what I’m gonna do over the next few minutes, I’m gonna give you some information on this website. I’ll explain to you how it works how you can get set up you know can you really make money with this website or not. And then you can do whatever you want with this information.

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Okay so Clixsense is actually called a GPT website that’s a get paid to click website. So if you look at this website basically there’s a lot of different things that you can do you can take surveys you can complete offers you can do specific tasks you can watch games and all a bunch of other different things okay now how does it actually work well it’s really simple on the right-hand side here there’s a little box you can just create a free account like an email address and then you can go ahead and start taking different things like surveys every survey will take between 15 minutes and 45 minutes to complete you’re not gonna be qualified for every single survey unfortunately

Because there’s a certain demographic that they want to go after but if you do take a survey which might take you know again 15 minutes to 45 minutes. You might make anywhere from 8 cents to 20 cents for example okay. So you can make some money but it’s not that much money now. Cash offer is basically what you’ll do is you’ll download these offers you’ll fill in forms so then your full name your address your email address you download the actual offer.

Once you do that again you make pennies on the dollar so we’re talking about one to three cents per offer, that you download again not that much money, Okay but yes it’s real money for games you can actually watch these games like videos. You watch the videos you know two minute three minute videos. And they’ll display ads as you’re watching the videos. That’s how they actually make money from this.

How Clixense advertisers pays you

Advertisers actually pay these guys to show people like you some of these videos and games and again very similar pennies on the dollar. You’re making maybe one to three cents per video and game that you actually watch. Now Clixsense has been around for a long time since 2007. So they’ve actually paid out quite a lot of money. They’ll pay out to things like PayPal, so you just need a PayPal account they’ll pay you directly.

But again the big question is how much money can you really make from websites like clixsense. Now it’s the same all across all GPT websites it’s not just Clixsense but you can make anywhere from maybe about I would say one to two dollars per day. If you’re doing really really well. So that’s roughly about five you know to ten dollars per week. If you’re working at it very very hard maybe forty fifty bucks a month.

Okay now what is that gonna take well you’re gonna have to put in like four to six hours every single day of doing these tasks. Taking surveys, downloading all first stuff like that. So if you think about it the amount of money that you can make versus the amount of effort that you’re putting in it just doesn’t make sense. Because if you’re putting in five to six hours a day and you’re only earning about forty fifty bucks a week. I mean I think you could be doing other things that will make you way more money if you’re investing that much amount of time into something like this now.

If you can’t even put but you know food on the table then maybe this might make sense for you honestly. I think that even then there are other things that you could be doing online that will actually make you more money. But can you make real money from this yes can you get rich probably not it’s gonna it’s not gonna help. You know pay off your mortgage you’re not gonna be able to create life changing income or anything like that.

But if you’re here right now today and if you’re looking at something like this and you’re thinking you know you know Herron. I want to make some money online. I’m just here to try and learn how to do that then maybe I have a solution for you. Because in 2009 I did the exact same thing that you’re doing right now. I started in network marketing. I’ve done pretty much everything that you can imagine online. I’ve done network marketing, I’ve done affiliate marketing, e-commerce, I’ve done GPT websites, I’ve bought lots of push-button software, I’ve bought lots of different types of training online to try and learn internet marketing.

My Experience: How to Make Money Online

Over the last 10 years I’ve been online now building businesses for ten years. I’ve settled on a business model called Affiliate marketing. Now all affiliate marketing is is when you take a digital product and you resell it to someone who might be living in the next town or halfway across the world. They buy that product and you make a commission. Very very simple very simple business model okay now the complicated part about affiliate marketing is learning. How to get people to know and trust you.

Because the problem is is with the internet a lot of people are very wary. You know that kind of like hmm you know they don’t know if you’re real or not. Okay so it’s all about learning how to become great at marketing. How do you engineer marketing promotions so that people get to know like and trust you and they want to buy products from you. It’s actually pretty simple okay when you understand how to do it.

But for the first eight years, I had no idea what I was doing I was literally buying all these random courses. You know getting on GPT websites buying push-button software thinking that all you needed to do was buy some sort of system to teach you how to do it. When in reality it has really nothing to do with that it has everything to do with learning how to become a great marketer.

So that you know how to engineer promotions learn how to generate traffic, convert that traffic into sales and then get people to know like and trust you. Now when you do that it becomes really really easy. And in 2016 I invested in a program that taught me exactly how to do that. And since then I’ve gone from being broke.

Okay I actually was you know spend all my money in the first eight years went broke. And in 2016 got a program it ompletely hanged everything for me and I went from going broke to the last two years of generating tens of thousands of dollars in profit inside of my business. And now I teach hundreds of students all over the world how to do the same thing.

S if you’re interested in doing that if you’re interested in you know learning exactly you know Aaron How did you do that. How did you go from you know going broke spinning your wheels you know getting on websites like Clixsense and all these other garbage websites.

Okay pretty much and and you know buying all this random push-button software to learning how to generate tens of thousands of dollars in profit I want to show you how to do that if you’re interested okay so all you have to do is click on the link right below this video it will lead you to my website all you need to do is add your email address your best email address.

I’m gonna send you the video and the information that’s gonna show you how I did it okay and then you can watch these videos follow exactly what I’m doing if you want completely up to you and then on the next page you’re actually going to see the program that I went through alright now this program is an amazing step-by-step how to build out a very powerful affiliate marketing business okay now take your time go through the page watch the testimonials if it makes sense alright if you resonate with the message on that page I recommend that you just get in the program because honestly in a decade of being online.

I have never seen such a good program that’s gonna teach you how to become a great internet marketer on the internet and then you can pretty much build a business from anywhere you want literally this is this is my home office right so I’ve got my laptop I’ve got my mic I’ve got my camera and as long as I have an internet connection.

I literally just got just come back from South Africa and I was you know making little videos like this and I was generating sales every single day from halfway across the world okay so if you want that kind of business you can do that. But please understand this is very very important. That this is not a lottery ticket. All right a lot of people misunderstand that they think that they can just you know invest $1 and then sit on the beach, relax, money’s gonna rain from the sky. And they don’t have to do any work okay internet marketing doesn’t work like that.

Invest for your better future

Yes it’s a great platform and you can make a lot of money five six seven figures a month, If you work it. But you have to understand that you need three things you need to work hard. You need to take a lot of action and yes you must invest some money into your business okay. If you think that you can build an internet marketing business without investing any money then this is not for you.

Okay I don’t know what planet you live on but this is a real business and it’s you know this is a real thing and you have to work at it really hard but potentially. It can change your life alright and you can create extreme leverage because this is the Internet this is technology when you understand how to leverage tools and software. And and and leverage points in your business it will grow bigger than any other thing out there which is why everybody’s looking at technology right now. Right there you create all these billion.

You know billion dollar companies are being created off the internet it’s because it’s real but you have to be you have to be in the right mindset. To be able to work something like this and and actually do really really well okay and if you’re okay with that you get it you just need to be shown exactly how to do it then maybe this is for you okay so if you want to check it out you can click the link below otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed this review of clixsense remember good business they’ve been around for a long time but again you’re not going to make a life-changing income from you’ll make a little bit of money and that’s pretty much it okay again all the best in your business my name is Erin Chen take care and hopefully will speak soon.

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