200 US Companies affected by Ransomware attack

WASHINGTON — At least 200 U.S. Companies paralysed by ransomware attacks. According to a cybersecurity researcher, there were 200 U.S. businesses on Friday Responding to the incident was their company.

The REvil Gang, a large Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate. John Hammond, a security company representative, stated that it appears that the attackers are behind the attack. Huntress Labs. He claimed that the criminals targeted a supplier of software called Huntress Labs. Kaseya uses its network management software as a conduit for spreading the word. Cloud service providers can runsomware Other researchers also agreed Hammond’s assessment.

“Kaseya manages large enterprises all the way down to small businesses This is a global phenomenon that has the potential for spreading to all parts of the world. Hammond stated that you should scale your business.” He sent a direct message to Twitter. “This “It is a devastating and colossal supply chain attack.” Typically, malware is infiltrated into widely used software. Automatic updates

It wasn’t immediately clear how many Kaseya clients might exist. Those who are affected and their potential identities, Kaseya encouraged customers to sign a statement. It will immediately close down affected servers through its website Software. It claimed that the attack was limited only to a small number of its users. Customers

Brett Callow is a Ransomware Expert at Emsisoft. He claimed that he didn’t know of any ransomware supply chain attack in the past. This is the scale. He said that there were others, but they were minor.

He said, “This is SolarWinds with ransomware.” He was referring specifically to a Russian cyberespionage hacking operation discovered in December Spread by infecting network management systems to infiltrate the U.S. Federal agencies and scores corporations.

Jake Williams, cybersecurity researcher and president of Rendition Infosec said that he had already worked with six of the companies affected by the tragedy. Ransomware. This ransomware was not accidental. He also mentioned July weekend when IT staff are generally scarce.

He stated, “There is no doubt in my mind that this timing was intentional.”

Hammond of Huntress stated that he knew of four managed services Providers — Companies that provide IT infrastructure to multiple customers — Being hit by ransomware that encrypts networks and locks them until the end Attackers pay victims. He claimed that thousands of computers had been attacked.

Hammond stated that Huntress partners are currently impacted by approximately 200 businesses that have been encoded.

Hammond tweeted: “Based upon everything we see right Now, we believe strongly that this (is) REvil/Sodinikibi.” According to the FBI, Same ransomware provider to attack JBS SA in May, a major global meat supplier Processer

The White House and federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency didn’t immediately respond to messages seeking comment.